’bout my friends

So I just found an old post I shared on Facebook (for some time now, Facebook does this great thing of reminding you what stuff you used to post on your timeline some years ago). It said “Having those weird conversations with your friend and thinking if anyone heard us, we would be put in a mental hospital”. 

And back then, I only tagged BanAnna. But now… well… I just took it to another level. I gladly made some new friends, got closer to others, and now I talk crazy immoral mentally-ill things with more people. And realizing this, I needed to write:

Real friends aren’t the ones considering you perfect; real friends are those who know just how twisted and stupid and crazy you are, but they love you and choose every day to spend time with you either way.

They are crazy as well, but in other way, usually complementary. They are beautiful beings (human or not), some are like the shadows and you see them only from time to time, when sun is behind you, looking at that great trunk you’re packing; some are like dogs, always walking in front of you, making you stumble from time to time, but always ready to give you a warm kiss; some are like the microwaves: you lived just fine before them, without them, but it’s even better when they’re there.  

This is not some article to point things we don’t like, as I did in my “youth”. No. These are some lines to thank you, guys, for being there. Maybe not all the time, maybe not when I think I need you the most, not all at once, maybe not with a well-scheduled program, maybe not always with a beer ready to be popped-open, but there. 

And if you don’t like something about our friendship, just do whatever about it. I’m here. Your puppet friend. I’m here to get angry at you, to fight you when you want to do stupid shit, to cry with you in the middle of the night, being drunk as Britains’ girls, to laugh until a little fart escapes the mighty prison, to steal 2 cherries (one for you, and one for me) when they first get on the market, to dance until our heart need a towel to wipe its sweat off, to watch movies no one saw since the 80’s, to just walk along the street or talk shit about some coworker (stop acting surprised, we all do it!) and so and so and so on!…  

Yes, I know I just wrote some thing that could make you frown, but you know as well as I do that this is what I do. I make you frown, then I’ll make you laugh about some nasty joke.  

Thanks. Now… pull my finger!


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