Crazy cat lady, without the “lady” part

I just realised that this time last year I wrote an article about how you are what you feel like, and that day I was a basset. I do not need fur, and I do not need to be able to wash every inch of my body (except the scruff) to be a basset. I just am. It’s a state of mind.

Now, one year later, I know that every day I can be something else, a different kind of dog, or a bird, or a leaf, or a piece of paper, or a coat. After the “I’m-a-basset”-phase, people might think that I’m a dog person.

Well, I’m not. I do love dogs, but I love every living creature with four feet. Also, I have a cat. Cat owners are crazy – that’s a known fact, but then again, all the best humans are a bit crazy, so I’m safe being a cat person.

Not an exclusively cat loving person, but a cat person. I’ll make this clear for anyone who has enough time to read my killing-the-time-with-my-bare-hands text: I love to be lazy and I am so good at this, that I never get bored.

I love clean sheets, new papers and empty boxes, I love books (reading them, sitting on them, playing with them, making them support my mirror or another book that I’m reading etc) and fish with no bones (especially if it’s caught, cleaned and cooked by somebody else), I like ice cream, but it does me no good, I don’t have a real problem with natural odours, but I do not search for them if… well, you know.

If I need to spit something up, I do it wherever, and the others have to deal with it. I do not take any s#!7 from nobody, and I’m not eating my own product, like a dog would do. I’m a cat, I’m careful with what I put in my mouth.

I’m glad to see you, but I will not show it as you’d want it. I love attention, but it has to come naturally, and it has to stop if somehow I’m not in the mood. I can almost purr when someone caresses my hair, I like to keep my nails clean and in shape, I hate birds, I chase every insect that I see. I don’t like to make noise when I step, I always want more from everyone and from anything, I like to sit above the others – not necessarily because I am better than them (which I am), but because I like to observe how mortals are fighting for survival. I could stare at a blank wall for hours without losing interest. I do not like to be in a hurry when I eat, and I always save some for later.

I like to clean the others and they confuse my obsessions with affection. Well… fine by me.

You will know for sure when you bother me, you will have your scars if you mess with my fur; if I don’t like you, you’ll read it on my face. If I don’t like you, there is no bribe acceptable. You will think that it’d be nice for us to spend some time, but the first impression will always be that I’m self-sufficient. I am. That does not mean that I couldn’t like you as well. I could be your forever friend, and I’d be better than a dog, because I’m not into balls as much as they are. 

Yes, I’m a cat person.

I wrote “Now, one year later, I know that every day I can be something else”, but I’m never somebody else. It’s always still me, with a stupid smile on her face.

The “F” word

P.S. Be always prepared for the most bizzare things. Maybe tomorrow I’ll decide to be a chair. Or a plane. Or a male ladybug. Or a monkey. Or… 


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  1. haeskus
    Feb 24, 2016 @ 23:24:07

    lovely words


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